About RMI

Return Mail, Inc. (RMI) has developed and patented automated solutions for end-user companies and print mail service providers that send large quantities of mail and are plagued by the costly and manual problem of return mail. Whether you print in-house, outsource or utilize USPS’s address services, RMI has a solution for you. And, we at Return Mail, Inc. place you, the customer, first.

RMI’s Solutions


RMI READTM eliminates the manual handling of return mail by automating the processing of return mail at a licensed RMI facility.

RMI reAddressTM

RMI reAddressTM searches and automatically updates best address files for hard to find recipients. With RMI’s automated return mail solutions, your company can not only eliminate the handling of return mail forever, you will reduce re-printing and mailing cost, improve cash flow, and provide a higher level of customer service - cost effectively and reliably.

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Eliminating the handling of return mail enables your company to redeploy mail room employees and reduce the total costs of reaching your customer. Finding those hard-to-find recipients enables your company to improve cash collections, reconnect with lost customers, improve customer service and increase your bottom line.