Boost Your Bottom Line With Return Mail Solutions

Return mail can be very costly! Lost receivables, increased labor costs, increased printing and mailing costs, and lost customers are just some of the negative impacts. With RMI, your return mail problems will soon be history- no more bins of returned mail and far more correspondence and invoices reach your customers.

RMI Products

Whether you are an end-user that sends out large quantities of mail, or a print/mail shop that provides direct mail services, RMI READ and RMI reAddress are the perfect one-two punch to knock out your return mail problems.


RMI ReadTM­ is a patented, automated return mail scanning solution that eliminates the handling of return mail. It begins by encoding outbound mail with a unique barcode that contains an encrypted data base that you define with information such as customer name and address, account number, unique mail piece identifier code, location, invoice amount – you name it. The undeliverable mail is then returned to the licensed RMI facility, where the process includes:

  • Barcode decryption
  • Information capture
  • Mail destruction
  • Daily reporting

RMI reAddressTM

RMI reAddressTM­ searches for lost recipients using multiple, proprietary databases and provides a best-address update for your data files.

  • Multi-database search
  • encrypted updates posted to a secure site
  • Automatic updated to your databases